Value Tracker: Manchester United & PSG

The Champions League followed the humiliating exit of Real Madrid by the hands of the young Ajax team by producing another upset, PSG’s exit was not as big as the previous day’s but nevertheless a testament to the misguided and devious wealth in football. PSG are of course one of the mega rich teams that were bought by Qatari money and very clearly cooked the books to escape or at least hide from Financial Fair Play rules. The football leaks revelations may or may not inflict real punishment on the likes of PSG, UEFA may look the other way except for a fine or relative minor restrictions, but the French team did not escape a lackluster Champions League elimination.

PSG were often accused of playing without tactics and relying on the stars to win. Thomas Tuchel arrived from Dortmund to be a sort of tougher no nonsense coach but little has changed and the questionable ‘non tactics’ continue. The round of 16 match up were to be a big test for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United – not PSG – and indeed United lost the first leg 2-0 at home but PSG haven’t and didn’t impress. Losing 3-1 at home with a Buffon dropped ball can be summed up as a symbolic moment for big money in the sport. Buffon’s exit from Juventus to fly to PSG will be remembered as such a moment too. Not that Manchester United are anything like the Ajax team of the previous day…

↑ Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and all of Manchester United
↓ Gianluigi Buffon and all of PSG

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