Is Manchester United The Loser Of Summer 2019?

The summer 2019 transfer window is now closed in England. Though in many other European countries the older timeline of letting it run until the end of August or beginning of September is still on. The decision to close the window before week 1 matches is a very sensible idea. The coaches and mangers know what they have on hand before the season is on and any disruptions, even if only for the first two or three match days, is gone.

The multi-billion dollar television deals that have enriched English team to the point of bizarre and expensive transfers and … Read more

Value Tracker: Manchester United & PSG

The Champions League followed the humiliating exit of Real Madrid by the hands of the young Ajax team by producing another upset, PSG’s exit was not as big as the previous day’s but nevertheless a testament to the misguided and devious wealth in football. PSG are of course one of the mega rich teams that were bought by Qatari money and very clearly cooked the books to escape or at least hide from Financial Fair Play rules. The football leaks revelations may or may not inflict real punishment on the likes of PSG, UEFA may look the other way except … Read more