GloboNote: Desktop Sticky Notes

GloboNote (Version: 1.3) is a sticky notes program that is based on Java and therefore multi-platform. It doesn’t require installation and adds a few features to make it a bit more than a simple collection of sticky notes. Right click or double click the tray icon to create new sticky notes, the sticky note will… Continue reading GloboNote: Desktop Sticky Notes

Capture2Text: Quick OCR And Speech Recognition

Capture2Text (Version: 2.4) is an open source program that can help a user capture text seen on the screen or transcribe speech.¬† It supports multiple language for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and recognizing speech. In limited tests it did a decent job of capturing the correct text and speech but it is never really 100%… Continue reading Capture2Text: Quick OCR And Speech Recognition

DDownloads For Safe Downloads

Note:¬†DDownloads is currently at version 0.9.3 and it is always a good idea to check for updates as it seems to be in a rapid update cycle. DDownloads (Version: 0.6.0) is a download helper. It can be used to download software directly without having to search for programs’ download links online. In theory DDownloads makes… Continue reading DDownloads For Safe Downloads

Create Videos With Easy Screencast Recorder

DonationCoder’s NANY (New Apps for the New Year) 2013 is well under way, have a look at a roundup of programs created for the 2013 edition at and consider joining the forum for access to discounts and giveaways too. Read below about one of this year’s entries, the Easy Screencast Recorder. Easy Screencast Recorder… Continue reading Create Videos With Easy Screencast Recorder

Siren: Infinite Ways To Rename And Organize Files

Siren (Version: 3.01) is a freeware file renamer, it features many ways to rename, move and copy files using expressions to create renaming rules. The expressions can be any in number or combination and use almost any file attribute one can think of. One can change the case, remove parts of the file name, use… Continue reading Siren: Infinite Ways To Rename And Organize Files

Vieas: Image Viewer And Editor

Vieas (Version: is a freeware image viewer with some editing features, it can be considered a lightweight alternative. The image formats it can can read or open are gif (including animated), jpg, png, bmp, tiff and it can read from zip (and other archive formats via plugins). There are no plugins currently available (?).… Continue reading Vieas: Image Viewer And Editor