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2019 Africa Cup of Nations

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations features 24 teams for the first time. 51 teams entered the qualification and near half have made to the tournament. It will be held in Egypt from June 21st to to July 19th. Cameroon were initially awarded the 32nd edition but due to political and infrastructure problems were stripped and the dates were also pushed back from a June 13th start due to the holy muslim month of Ramadan.

As with every edition of the Cup controversy and lack of organization is a problem. Egypt do have the stadiums and are well suited to

FIFA Club World Cup

Gianni Infantino wants World Cup and World Club Cup expansion

FIFA has seen the money in the Champions League and has always wanted to add a potentially lucrative club competition to its assets.

The Confederation Cup was an idea that started in 1992 and expanded to eight teams, from four, in 1997. It became a once every four years tournament taking place one year before the World Cup in the same country as the World Cup host. It became a de facto warm up for the World Cup host. Commercially it wasn’t the biggest success and FIFA has now decided

Value Tracker: Messi and Ronaldo March On

The 2018-1019 Champions League round of 16 featured more than two outstanding individual performances. Manchester City’s Leroy Sane scored one and assisted on three in City’s 7-0 win over Schalke. Two other very familiar names did better than the German international.

Ronaldo and Messi continue their super form with a hattrick for the Portuguese and two goals and two assists for the Argentinian. Juventus and Barcelona advanced and eliminated Atletico Madrid and Lyon respectively once again mainly due to the work of the aforementioned.

Ronaldo is 34 and Messi is 31. Both, especially the former, insist on continuing for more

Value Tracker: Napoli and Dortmund

Insigne scores but Napoli drop more points

Teams can dominate a league, sometimes to the point of making seasons an exercise in futility for others. Whether due to financial wealth, questionable relationship with referees or just honest good management there are leagues where a team has created a sort of monopoly on titles. Some smaller countries and leagues have a dominating teams as almost a tradition.

In the case of the Bundesliga and Germany Bayern Munich could be considered one such monopoly. Since the last time any team other than Borussia Dortmund won the league (Wolfsburg in 2009) Bayern have

Value Tracker: Manchester United & PSG

The Champions League followed the humiliating exit of Real Madrid by the hands of the young Ajax team by producing another upset, PSG’s exit was not as big as the previous day’s but nevertheless a testament to the misguided and devious wealth in football. PSG are of course one of the mega rich teams that were bought by Qatari money and very clearly cooked the books to escape or at least hide from Financial Fair Play rules. The football leaks revelations may or may not inflict real punishment on the likes of PSG, UEFA may look the other way except

Value Tracker: Ajax and Real Madrid

The 2018-2019 Champions League Round of 16 has featured a match up of a super wealthy team vs a develop and sell team. Real Madrid, winner of 4 of the last 5 Champions Leagues vs Ajax, a team who are unable to compete on the European stage and have all their continental success in the relatively distant past. Even at the domestic league level Ajax are not all conquering as many of the recent Eredivisie seasons have belonged to PSV.

The team’s famous supply line still churns out talented players but they leave too soon to have a major impact