The Best Free Windows Enhancements

Samer at freewaregenius has compiled an excellent list of tools to enhance any Windows experience. A few have been reviewed, Dexpot and StandaloneStack for example, here at RGdot but there is lots more by checking his article.

Nexus Is A Fast Dock Launcher

Nexus, from the makers of the Winstep desktop enhancement package, is a standalone dock launcher that is otherwise also part of the aforementioned shareware package. This is a true dock in competition with RocketDock and ObjectDock. It is attractive but lightweight and fast. Going through the settings or preferences, accessible most easily by right clicking… Continue reading Nexus Is A Fast Dock Launcher

Use StandaloneStack To Access Files And Folders

StandaloneStack is an attractive and useful way of accessing files and folders from any location. The main use of StandaloneStack is to place a shortcut of sorts on the desktop that acts as a launcher. Only in this case StandaloneStack as it is is not a dock like ObjectDock from StarDock or perhaps the more… Continue reading Use StandaloneStack To Access Files And Folders

Simple Calendar With Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar is described as Organize your life! Never forget a birthday or anniversary ever again! Desktop Calendar is a relatively simple and potentially useful almost 2.5MB download that overlays a calendar on any desktop. It can be thought of a semi-dynamic calendar, that is the calendar is certainly not a static image but on… Continue reading Simple Calendar With Desktop Calendar

Hawkscope Is A Cross Platform Launcher

Hawkscope is described by its author as Hawkscope is a productivity tool that allows you to access your hard drive contents quickly via system tray / menubar icon with dynamic pop-up menu The main feature and usefulness of Hawkscope is that it provides a dynamic menu that pops up anywhere on the desktop by way… Continue reading Hawkscope Is A Cross Platform Launcher

SysPad Is A Simple Folder And Notepad Utility

SysPad is a utility from CodePlex, it is described simply as A Notepad-like program and folder management program Syspad is only 570KB but sometimes consumes a bit more than expected memory, approaching 40MB, but nevertheless provides easy access to two useful functions for the efficient user. Installation adds an icon to the tray bar. Thereafter… Continue reading SysPad Is A Simple Folder And Notepad Utility

Electric Vehicles Speed Ahead

One of the important but yet incomplete moves towards reducing harmful emissions has been the advent of the hybrid electric vehicle. Those include the now famous Honda Insight and Toyota Prius for example, running on a combination of the old and outdated propulsion system plus different forms of rechargeable batteries. Recently Honda Insight has for… Continue reading Electric Vehicles Speed Ahead

FontViewOK Displays And Previews Fonts

FontViewOK is a simple no-installation 35KB program that displays fonts installed on any system. It is written by the same person who has brought us the “Quadro-View” file manager or windows explorer alternative Q-Dir. FontViewOK is an often useful visual preview of fonts that acts as a tool to compare fonts and to see how… Continue reading FontViewOK Displays And Previews Fonts