Value Tracker: Napoli and Dortmund

Insigne scores but Napoli drop more points

Teams can dominate a league, sometimes to the point of making seasons an exercise in futility for others. Whether due to financial wealth, questionable relationship with referees or just honest good management there are leagues where a team has created a sort of monopoly on titles. Some smaller countries and leagues have a dominating teams as almost a tradition.

In the case of the Bundesliga and Germany Bayern Munich could be considered one such monopoly. Since the last time any team other than Borussia Dortmund won the league (Wolfsburg in 2009) Bayern have won 7 of 9. This season started as a chance for the others or at least Dortmund. In 2018 Jupp Heynckes retired after his fourth spell in charge of the team and Niko Kovac replaced him. His relative youth and lack of big team coaching experience had him off to a tough start and Dortmund managed by the experienced and highly rated Lucien Favre took the league by storm. But as has been often the case we sit in early March and Bayern lead the league (albeit only on goal difference). Bayern have won 9 of last 10 games while Dortmund have managed 5 wins in that span. We are on the cusp on another surrender.

In Italy Juventus have won 7 Serie A titles in a row. The Turin champions emerged from the calciopoli imposed relegation in 2007 and rebuilt quickly. Milan won the last non-Juve title in 2011 but have faded since. Inter won with Jose Mourinho but he had long left and Inter have returned to their almost expected under achievement. Napoli are the team that have been the closest challengers in recent seasons but have faded late in the season and lost the head to head matchups. As of early March Napoli have 4 wins in last 10 while Juve have won 8 of the last 10 and lead by a whopping 18 points. That lead was 8 points late last December.

↓ Borussia Dortmund for failing to keep up with Bayern
↓ Napoli for failing to do the same with Juventus

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