TomiNote Is A Simple Notes Organizer

TomiNote is a simple notes organizer or collector as its developer describes it. It is very lightweight, portable and multiplatform as well. It was mentioned by smaragdus in a comment here on RGdot.

The program allows the user to create notes in sortable nodes and sub-nodes. Unicode UCS-2 is the supported character set which means emojis and more than 2 byte characters are not supported.

Nodes can be moved up and down in the directory tree and can be moved right or left to become a nodes instead of sub-nodes and vice versa. Database (SQLite3) wide, selected branch/node or node specific search is a strength of the program with support for regex.

Use the View menu to change the visibility of its toolbar, directory tree and other graphical elements. Toggling the theme to dark is also available. The two themes’ colors and fonts can be edited via Edit —> Options. In the same options it is possible to discard the history of changes as the program remembers changes to the nodes that remain available via the usual Undo.

As it is compiled using Pascal the program supports a set of scripts with a few included at Edit —>Utils. Two simple yet useful examples being removing blank lines and extracting text from html.

It is not in active development as of this article but it works as tested on a Windows 10 PC. As noted by smaragdus the download includes both the Windows exe and Linux file to run the program.

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