CLIB: New And Different Clipboard Manager

CLIB is a relative new entry in the freeware clipboard manager space. It uses a different approach than most others in that the interface and settings are within the browser. In the age of privacy violations and concerns the program emphasizes that while it uses the browser it is not using the cloud in anyway, it is only that the program can be accessed locally at

CLIB supports images and text items and does automatically tag them based on source and type, clicking on a saved item shows a bigger preview with an option to delete it, edit captured … Read more

Freeware News: New TreeSize And More

TreeSize Free previously reviewed on RGdot is at version 3.2.1 now.¬†Personal and professional¬†editions add extra features like scanning network drives and more detailed reports and analysis. There is even a windows mobile version. TextCrawler also previously reviewed is at version 3.0.2 with a professional version for commercial use available. The very useful FastStone Image Viewer is at version 5.3 with recent additions like copying and pasting objects in its draw board. The Java based ImageJ¬†(v.1.48) is a good option for image editing with macro and plugin support that extend its features to advanced levels.… Read more