Secure Folders With Password Folder

Password Folder (version: is a simple and small freeware Windows program that encrypts and secures folders.

Install Password Folder, optionally using the portable version. Click on the big folder icon and choose a folder to encrypt, alternatively drag a folder into the program window. As its name suggests individual files are not supported. Then choose and confirm a password in the ensuing popup, the big folder icon turns red while it is working and then the folder is replaced by its encrypted version with a pff extension. Double clicking the resulting pff file decrypts the folder and restores readable, normal versions of the folder(s).

The program claims that the processing speed to secure folders is very fast. In a quick limited test on a Windows 10 machine with a relatively older i5 processor the program took approximately one second to encrypt around 20 small text files and images.

Password Folder includes two so called advanced settings. The first that is enabled by default is to integrate in the right click context menu. The second is to use one password to encrypt more than folder. This does not allows the user to choose more than folder at the same time but to reuse the same password.

The portable download is less than 2MB and decompressed it is less than 8MB. No word on which encryption method is used.

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