Kanbie: Kanban Board For Chrome

Kanbie is an extension for Chrome based browsers that is somewhat minimal. A pop up accessed via the extension toolbar provides the three most typical columns in Kanban boards. However the To-do, Doing and Done headers can be renamed via a double click.

The kanban method for staying organized works for some better than others, some might prefer a text or markdown based approach to note keeping, others with a calendar to stay organized with tasks.
All methods require a bit of discipline to use regularly and take the most advantage of.

Alt+K opens the Kanbie pop up, however this combination could be in use by other tools. The Space bar or + icon creates a task. The letter l creates a label which is also accessible via the label icon. A label can then be assigned to a task using the #hashtag method while typing the task. Each label can have a different color and the color can be chosen by repeatedly clicking through the fill icon as the extension cycles through different colors. While typing a task a time or date can be assigned to it by adding t: and/or d:

As in all kanbans dragging a task between columns is the way to manage its progress. Kanbie also features several themes.

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