Chasys Draw IES Is A Quirky Image Editor, Viewer

Chasys Draw IES (version 5.12.01) is an image editor (referred to as Artist) but also a convertor and viewer.

The quirky nature of the software comes into view immediately after downloading and perhaps even before it when the download page can confuse the user by offering a self signed and zipped version that includes an “Installer for Standard Install and Portable”. The downloads ofcourse include setup.exe and the user choose to use the portable mode after clicking the setup.

The program then proceeds to warn the user that portable mode may miss some unnamed features, those features are not necessarily clear but include inability to load RAW files and a custom temp folder among others. During the portable install several errors appeared, some to add the aforementioned warnings, but they were dismissible and the program loads.

The user then has to choose which of the three modes to enter, that is the aforementioned editor or others. The editor will ask if a blank project is required. The other options are Poster or Flyer, Object Animation, Frame Animation, Edit Photo, Stack Photos, Icon, Animated Cursor, Batch Job, Screenshot or Screencast and more.

The program can open images from a url and multiple images at once to speed up editing. It also supports importing or acquiring from a scanner.

Perhaps most importantly it supports layers. Animation adds to the rarer features of the program besides icon generation (Under Processes menu)

Chasys has a whle set of editing features including brushes, shapes and others familiar to any image editor user. In addition there are more advanced tools such as liquidify (see in the image above), smudge and background erase.

The convertor only accepts a folder and not individual files, adding to the strangeness of Chasys. it proceeds to ask many questions about the file types, destination folder, EXIF retentions and more. For example if not careful and the Include Subfolders option is checked the program will try to load and convert many files.

The viewer provides a shortcut to edit the currently viewed file, to convert, print, rotate, zoom, and even send it via bluetooth.

The program also supports plugin with a set included with most adding support for various file formats such as PaintShop Pro (PSP), Photoshop (PSD), Affinity (Afphoto), QR codes, Text in circles and others.

Chasys is certainly different and needs getting used to. Not just first time use but subsequent uses feel different. The online help does help clarify but the workflow is not the most typical.

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