Value Tracker: Messi and Ronaldo March On

The 2018-1019 Champions League round of 16 featured more than two outstanding individual performances. Manchester City’s Leroy Sane scored one and assisted on three in City’s 7-0 win over Schalke. Two other very familiar names did better than the German international.

Ronaldo and Messi continue their super form with a hattrick for the Portuguese and two goals and two assists for the Argentinian. Juventus and Barcelona advanced and eliminated Atletico Madrid and Lyon respectively once again mainly due to the work of the aforementioned.

Ronaldo is 34 and Messi is 31. Both, especially the former, insist on continuing for more years to come and why not. Ronaldo has shattered records by scoring 124 times in 160 Champions League appearances. Messi is just behind and with a slightly better goals to games ratio with 108 in 131 games. The third position is held by
Raul, the Real Madrid legend scored 71 goals in the competition. Ronaldo’s 160 appearances is second only to Iker Casillas’ 175.

The draw for this edition’s quarter finals takes place on Friday with four English teams still in the competition, reversing a recent trend. The last time this many English teams had reached the same stage was 2008-09. That year 3 of 4 semi finalists were English but Barcelona beat Manchester United in the final.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur are joined by Juventus, Ajax, Porto and Barcelona.

↑ Ronaldo for his continuing records
↑ Messi for the same

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