Buttercup Freeware Password Manager

Buttercup (v0.21.0) is a new entry in the password manager field. It uses the usual method of storing passwords securely and locally, with an option to connect to online storage services.

Aftewr installing the 35MB download the program launches automatically and offers to create a what it calls archive. A master password can be added here. When the program’s main window opens it is divided from left to right to the name of the archive(s) created and opened, the groups section, the entries and their respective details.

Passwords can be divided into groups with new groups added using the button near the bottom of the section. Entries are added much the same way. When creating a new entry a password generator is an option. The user can configure the number of characters or words to be used and if it should or should not include letters, numbers or symbols. There is also a “memorable” option which generates passwords using only lower case letters. Each entry can also have custom fields associated with it, perhaps to add a note or the associated site.

Buttercup can also import 1password (.1pif), KeePass (.kdbx) and LastPass (.csv) archives. One can also connect the program to Dropbox, Owncloud, NextCloud or a WebDav server for backup and remote storage (File —>Connect Cloud Services). A Chrome extension is also available.

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