Switch Banner Maker: Free Online Service

Soon after I wrote about MP3 Toolkit  I was contacted by the people behind it,  they pointed me to an online service they run and wondered if I would write about it.

It is the Switch Banner Maker and it is a free service that creates rotating or switching banners and generates the code to insert in web pages. It is a simple service that outputs nice and professional looking banners or images (see sample made below.)

    The user inputs up to 10 images, these must be hosted by the user. Each image can then be hyperlinked individually. The width and height is also required. For best results these values should be consistent across all images. The user has the option to choose the color for the number button and to position it on the lower right or lower left of the generated banner. Delay between images can be set and the image number's visibility can be toggled off as well.

    The output code featuring a hosted javascript is then inserted into any page.

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