Switch Banner Maker: Free Online Service

Soon after I wrote about MP3 Toolkit  I was contacted by the people behind it,  they pointed me to an online service they run and wondered if I would write about it.

It is the Switch Banner Maker and it is a free service that creates rotating or switching banners and generates the code to insert in web pages. It is a simple service that outputs nice and professional looking banners or images (see sample made below.)

@import url(http://www.switchbanner.com/switch_banner.css); .num LI {BACKGROUND: url(http://www.switchbanner.com/img/green.gif) no-repeat -15px 0px;}.num LI.on {BACKGROUND: url(http://www.switchbanner.com/img/green.gif) no-repeat;}

var cPic=5;var cPauseTime=3000;var cName="idContainer112s4s0s13s38s31";var cTable="idSlider112s4s0s13s38s31";var cIdNum="idNum112s4s0s13s38s31"; var st112s4s0s13s38s31 = new … Read more