KNote: Secure Note Keeping


KNote (Version: 0.96 as of this post) is described as an advanced, secure note taking program. It is somewhat a mix of a blogging application and a wiki, borrowing a bit from the two in a password protected desktop-type interface. It is available in portable mode and optionally uploads notes into a private, unindexed webspace for sharing with others.


The note taking area is much like a blogging platform providing a TinyMCE toolbar that besides the usual formatting and other options includes a ‘KNote Link’ button to connect or link notes to each other similar to a wiki. KNote supports dragging or inserting links and images into notes, adding attachments to notes, tagging each note and creating journal type notes with dates as titles. Notes can also include portions of copied web pages with the format preserved pretty well. It can import notes from a TiddlyWiki HTML file.

Log in to the program, click new note or new journal to start creating one, click done to finish and save and as mentioned optionally upload with any or all attachments intact. In the (Tiddly)Wiki tradition you can close other notes to view only the one needed and access all – including the tag list – from the right hand side list. The organizer panel on the left can group notes in their own virtual folders (right click—>add folder) and allows moving items or notes in between.

KNote has a search function with results highlighted. KNote requires XP and newer and is free for personal use. To see a short demonstration two brief videos are available on

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