OutWiker: Freeware Outliner

OutWiker (current version: 1.8.1) is a cross platform and freeware outliner or notes organizer. It supports plain text, HTML and wiki style notes with various markups.

Start with File—>New (Ctrl+N) and choose one of the aforementioned page types. Either manually or by using the wiki menu or keyboard shortcuts add formatting to your wiki page. The formatting and markup available include bold, italic, horizontal line, font size, preformatted text, code, bullet list, creation and last modified dates, equations (inside {$$}) and others. Wiki pages can be linked to each other as well using page:// – grab a page link by … Read more

KNote: Secure Note Keeping

KNote (Version: 0.96 as of this post) is described as an advanced, secure note taking program. It is somewhat a mix of a blogging application and a wiki, borrowing a bit from the two in a password protected desktop-type interface. It is available in portable mode and optionally uploads notes into a private, unindexed webspace for sharing with others.

The note taking area is much like a blogging platform providing a TinyMCE toolbar that besides the usual formatting and other options includes a ‘KNote Link’ button to connect or link notes to each other similar to a wiki. KNote supports … Read more