A Nissan Leaf Ad And A Word On Clean Power

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) begins its US roll out very soon and it will be available in some other world wide markets before a more widespread roll out. It is Nissan’s all electric car with a range of 100 miles (160 km). It has a top speed of over 140 km/h (87 mph). Its motor is rated at 80 kW (110 hp) and 280 Nm (210 lbft).

Some responses to electric cars can be paraphrased as such:

The electricity you are using to charge your car is produced in a non environmentally friendly manner, such as coal, so you are still polluting

That shouldn’t diminish the importance of electric cars and additionally it is the job of the consumer and the voter to make sure electricity comes from clean sources. That is done by voting for the politicians who would make sure clean energy happens and also those would make sure that electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf, make it to dealerships near you in mass numbers and are not dismissed or removed from the market place altogether.


  1. Really like the idea of electric cars, but they are small and expensive. Having been involved in an accident where I wrecked a small vehicle, I feel safer in the larger vehicles and now drive an SUV. Will look at a hybrid once I’m done with this one, but psychologically I just can’t go back to the smaller models. I’m glad electric cars are gaining in popularity tho, if only because I have no use for the big oil companies and didn’t even before BP polluted the Gulf.

  2. Hi Tyg, thanks for visiting and commenting. I think electric cars will, may be even already in some instances, overcome most hesitations in terms of safety and expense.
    Better batteries will enable bigger cars, if not in the first and current generation of electric cars then the second generation.
    This Nissan Leaf costs in the low to mid 30s in the US (and mid to high 20s after government tax credits and incentives) and it can be the same in other markets as well.

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