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Notes Keeper

Notes Keeper

Long time reader Asen alerted me to a relative new entry in the Notes Organizer category. Notes Keeper currently in Release Candidate or beta stage looks to have potential and already features a good set of useful features.

On first start the user is prompted to create a new database (Ctrl+Ins or via the Note menu). The program interface is divided into cells listing the saved notes. The next step is no create a new note (Ctrl+N). Here a more familiar word processor type – with all the expected formatting options – window pops up. The note title can be edited, it can be added to a group and tags added. The group and tag can be created on the fly. Many other features are available such as inserting images, password protecting notes, using transparent mode, working in full screen, attaching files and always staying on top. There is also a search bar at the bottom of the main window which as of this review seems to search through note titles only.

Notes Keeper

Notes Keeper is portable and requires the .NET framework. At version 0.5 it is very interesting to see what the future brings and follow it to 1.0 and beyond.


  1. Notes Keeper is a very promising program. As far as I know the developer of Notes Keeper is currently working on some new features.

  2. A stable version of Notes Keeper has been released- It offers many new features including ‘Folders’, ‘Send as mail’, ‘Send as attachment’, ‘Find/Replace’ and many others.

  3. Thanks for the update. I am looking at ways of presenting – on the front page – news and updates. May be a sort of ticker.

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