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list-it is a no frills notes keeper that resides inside Firefox’s sidebar. It is simple and open source and provides an option to synchronize notes but they are kept locally if the user does not use or ignores the sync option.

Install the add-on and access the sidebar interface via Ctrl+Shift+F. Enter any text and save, access the settings by clicking the gear icon. By default the top line of a note is shown, click the arrow icon to expand all. Click x if a note needs to be deleted and use the garbage can icon to view the dustbin where deleted notes can be restored or permanently deleted. It is possible to edit notes by clicking on them, and search or print them too.

Right click anywhere on a page to bookmark the page in or highlight, right click and copy text to In the latter list-it will also append the url of the page the text was copied from (see first note in screenshot)

If using the synchronize option click the yellow triangle icon and sign up for their service and install where you need the notes. For security quoting the About and FAQ pages: is a research project from the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL by a small team of students led by Prof. David Karger.’s chief designers are electronic Max and Greg Vargas. is released as free and open source software under the MIT License. The source code is available on our Google Code Project.

With respect to data handling policies, we use strong-grade SSL (AES-256) to encrypt all client server communications (HTTP traffic) and have signed our server with a certificate.

List-it should work on Firefox 3.0 and later.

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