Firefox Add-on: Save Text To File

Save Text To File

Save Text To File

Save Text To File is a simple but potentially time saving add-on for Firefox. Saving text for future use and reference is a situation that many encounter. There are countless ways of dealing with and managing things found online. Bookmarking the page, saving the whole page, using ‘read it later’ tools and add-ons or setting up outliners/organizers like CintaNotes to save the text, just to name a few.

Save Text To File is potentially another, it is perhaps minimalistic and simplistic but that is possibly its strength too. It is a No Restart add-on that adds an item to the right click menu. Highlight any text and right click to save it to a text file. The initial setup is as no frills as the add-on itself. The name of the text file and its location is configured as are options to add a line separator, date and time stamp and the url of the page the text is copied from. One can also choose to have separate text files for each use or append every thing to one file. In the screenshot I have checked the ‘Confirm settings’ option, this prompts the user to choose and set options every time the add-on is used. I can see no reason why this would be necessary and would recommend it be unchecked.

Save Text To File

Firefox’s internal bookmark system is just one big mess for anybody who has many bookmarks, I see this as one potential, albeit crude,  addition to it when the option to save urls is used.

Save Text To File works on Firefox 19 and newer with an older version available for older versions.



  1. Another good find, thanks. In fact the only ‘Save’ Firefox plug-ins I have used are ‘UnMHT’ and ‘Mozilla Archive Format’ for saving web-pages in MHT and MAF formats. I usually drag and drop text from Firefox to minipad2 (with ‘Stay on Top’ enabled). I tested ‘Save Text To File’ and it worked fine. I do not need it that much but I will keep it in my Firefox add-ons collection. Another use of ‘Save Text To File’ might be saving text files to Dropbox (or another cloud service) folder. Unfortunately Save Text To File does not work with SeaMonkey. With the advent of Australis I am considering dumping Firefox for good but I haven’t chosen yet which will be my default browser- PaleMoon or SeaMonkey. Perhaps it will be PaleMoon since all Firefox add-ons work with PaleMoon.

  2. The second link at the bottom of the post should or might work with SeaMonkey.
    Mozilla are pretty much ignoring majority opinion with Australis. I don’t think Australis is so bad but it is not really the way Firefox should be moving forward.

  3. Yes, version 1.1.5 works with SeaMonkey, thanks for the tip. This version needs restart but this is of no importance. I wonder why the developer of ‘Save Text To File’ decided to drop support for SeaMonkey.
    I usually put a bookmark in my FTP client for any add-on I use at Mozilla FTP because it is never certain which add-on version is (in)compatible with which version of Firefox/PaleMoon/SeaMonkey. So at Mozilla FTP I can easily find and download the desired add-on version.

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