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Clipjump is a very capable freeware clipboard manager. It , of course,  holds many clipboard items and does its job without disturbing familiar Windows routines such as Ctrl+C, V and X. It provides a tool tip like confirmation and visual, for example one that confirms that it has copied items.

Clipjump captures all data types, when Ctrl+C is used it captures text, images (through the PrintScreen key) and other data such as Excel cells and when Ctrl+V is used to paste repeated V clicks cycles through clipboard items with a preview so it is very easy to paste any previous items. There is an incognito mode to temporary disable captures, right click tray icon—>Options. Windows+C pops up the clipboard history window to view and work on captured clips. It is possible to ‘fixate’ items to make them stay on top or first in the history and therefore being the first when using paste mode or when clicking Ctrl+V. Clipjump also supports ‘channels’ to keep items separate, the default channel is zero. The channel name in use is shown when Ctrl+V is clicked and channels can be changed by using the up and down arrow keys in the aforementioned paste mode. No Formatting is also a very useful feature and when in paste mode (after clicking Ctrl+V) clicking on the Z key readies the chosen item without formatting.

The Action Mode, activated via the tray icon or Ctrl+Shift+A, provides one click access to program features.

The Class Grab Tool which is supposed to grab Windows classes is also interesting. It allows Windows classes to be added to its settings.ini’s ignoreWindows option so that Clipjump will not be used when items are copied from those programs. Lots more settings are configurable through settings.ini such as windows_copy_shortcut and windows_cut_shortcut that ‘create unique shortcuts in Clipjump to copy/cut data only to System Clipboard and not Clipjump’.

The program settings have a ‘one time stop’ option whose shortcut is configurable which when used bypasses Clipjump for only one time.

The usefulness of Clipjump lies in the fact that it can be used to naturally replace the native Windows clipboard but also really extend it with additional features beyond simply storing multiple items. It is very lightweight, portable and at version 9.8.8 (there are frequent updates) it is very solid.

The online manual and internal help are detailed if not exactly very well organized.


  1. Again a very nice review, thanks.
    I did a very superficial test of Clipjump and I didn’t like it very much for one main reason- in contrast with other clipboard managers I have used- for example ArsClip, Ditto, Clipboard Help+Spell, Clipboard Master, Clibor, Ethervane Echo, etc, Clipjump cannot show all the items it has saved. CTRL+V+V is not very convenient for me since I copy many text snippets and when I want to paste them into a note manager for example I need to view all the clippings in order to choose which one I want to paste. With ArsClip, Ditto, Clibor, etc, this is very easy- via a hot key combination I recall all the saved items, see which item I need and paste it using the mouse. This seems not possible using Clipjump. Or perhaps I am missing anything?

  2. No problem, thanks for commenting. I think Windows+C is the closest Clipjump has to what you ask. The window shows all the saved items.

  3. Thanks for your response. It seems that Clipjump is not for me. Yes, WinKey+C shows clip history but I cannot directly paste using it. In fact I am a bit surprised that Clipjump does not offer that feature which is rather common in clipboard managers. Perhaps when I have time I might contact the developer of Clipjump and request that feature 😉

  4. @smaragdus
    Just read this review and your comment yesterday and wanted to let you know that Clipjump will now have a search feature directly from the Paste mode in the future versions. Now you will be able to open the Paste mode and search and right from there and paste the found item if needed. Keeping in mind how Clipjump works seamlessly without a gui in paste mode, the search has also been made so.

    The version should be released in a few days.

  5. @R G
    ‘Win+C’ + ‘Space’ for selected clip works fine.

    Clipjump has improved a lot. Today I downloaded and tested the latest release- and I liked the ‘Search Filter’ very much- extremely handy indeed. The Image Preview for images stored inside Clipjump works also great. What I didn’t get is the way ‘Export Clip’ works and whether there is a way to define a destination for the exported images stored inside Clipjump. Great job, Avi, thank you!

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