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Note: DDownloads is currently at version 0.9.3 and it is always a good idea to check for updates as it seems to be in a rapid update cycle.

DDownloads (Version: 0.6.0) is a download helper. It can be used to download software directly without having to search for programs’ download links online. In theory DDownloads makes downloading safer as it makes it less likely to grab a program or update from an infected source.


DDownloads is divided into different sections, the Home tab has links to Must-Have Apps (in this version, 322 programs in 41 categories), Portable Apps (112 in 27), Slim and Toolbar free Apps (4 in 2), Windows Starter Kit (16 must have tools including the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Essential Codec pack, .Net Framework 4.5, Firefox, 7-Zip and others), Recommended Apps (Firefox, Opera, Jdownloader, Revo Uninstaller Free, CCleaner, Recuva, Truecrypt and others)

The other sections are Get Safe Download Link on the quick to search for programs that DDownloads has in its lists. Send App Suggestions, Make Snapshot of Installed Apps and finally the Get Direct Help which includes links to blog, software review, hardware, malware, programming, tutorial, download portal, online virus scanner and other sites.

Right clicking any program name provides extra options like ones to add the program to its download manager queue, check whether it is installed, check if a portable version is available, search for an alternate download link, show screenshot of app and more (see image below.)

The program can be updated via its options or the buttons to the right and left of the Home section. The program options also include a section to ‘Block direct download if the following string(s) is found in download URL’. Admittedly I am not sure why this list includes the likes of softpedia, palemoon, piriform, details.aspx, % and other strings especially since the program does feature download and ‘alternate download link’ in its lists which do include the likes of softpedia.

All in all a useful tool. DDownloads has potential for a solid and growing reference, if nothing else.

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