DDownloads For Safe Downloads

Note:¬†DDownloads is currently at version 0.9.3 and it is always a good idea to check for updates as it seems to be in a rapid update cycle. DDownloads (Version: 0.6.0) is a download helper. It can be used to download software directly without having to search for programs’ download links online. In theory DDownloads makes… Continue reading DDownloads For Safe Downloads

Snap DB: Keep Your Info In This Simple Database

Snap DB is one of the 2011 entries in Donationcoder’s N.A.N.Y. (New Apps For The New Year) challenge. It is a simple database program that holds and organizes lists and information in a text like or flat structure. It is minimalist by design. The uses for Snap DB are pretty much infinite. Keep a list… Continue reading Snap DB: Keep Your Info In This Simple Database

Freeware Classics From Snapfiles

SnapFiles.com, formerly known – and still accessible via – WebAttack.com has a page it calls ‘Freeware Classics’. It contains a collection of freeware ‘that have remained free’. The list is worth checking out, some of the best freeware like Wireshark, UK’s Kalender and XnView are on the list along with many others. Take a look… Continue reading Freeware Classics From Snapfiles