Freeware Launcher: Mouse Extender

Mouse Extender is a freeware launcher for mouse users, it seems that its development has stopped but at its last or current version ( it is still a useful tool.

Mouse Extender

The default method of opening the program is the middle mouse button (or the F4 key) but this can be changed via the program’s settings.

Mouse Extender can launch files, folders, programs or web sites – it features proxy support for the latter. It also comes with (double click) buttons for the system control panel, reboot, shutdown, hibernate or sleep.

Right click on the program’s interface to add shortcuts or to add a tab (see image) to organize shortcuts. Right click on an icon to edit its target – to add arguments, to change its icon or working directory. The same right click can move or send shortcuts to different tabs to reorganize them. The option to ‘Add Running Program’ makes it easy to add a shortcut from a list of open windows, to save clicks.

The exclude option is also very useful, for example adding Firefox to the exclusion list frees the middle mouse button for Firefox’s use.

If the program was being further developed one suggestion would be add captions to shortcuts since in the case of a folder one must rely on its tooltip to remember which is being launched.

When starting the program’s its update check fails, presumably because the program is not active, but this can be ignored. Mouse Extender does not require installation, it does however require .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Works on XP and newer.

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