The Weather On Your Desktop with sWeather


sWeather (Version: 1.3.2) is a simple and attractive tool to check the weather and 5 day forecast for any number of locations. Unzip and configure (Using the Options menu or tray icon right click) the program by entering one or more locations.  Current temperature and 5 day minimum and maximum forecasts are complemented by barometer, humidity, visibility, wind speed, sunrise, sunset, latitude and longitude values.


Locations can be found using address, town, zip code, country and even by landmark and street. sWeather looks up the location and uses Yahoo! Weather’s WOEID location identifier. When more than one location is added you can cycle through them using the mouse wheel, Page Up/Down, arrow keys or buttons on the right side of the program window. The F5 key refreshes weather data, F2 opens an expanded view where all the weather information is made available in listview.

The program options include using metric units (viewing the temperature in centigrade instead of fahrenheit among others), toggling the temperature tray icon’s visibility, starting sWeather with Windows, starting it minimized, changing the automated refresh time from the default 60 minutes and using different sets of icons.


sWeather is freeware, works on Windows XP and newer and is portable. Don’t forget to click F4 to have some fun with the program. Support questions can be asked on its dedicated DonationCoder thread.

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