Umile Encoder: Freeware Multimedia Converter

Umile Encoder

Umile Encoder (Version: is a freeware multimedia converter. It can convert to (and from) 3gp, avi, mp4 and perhaps more rarely swf. Additionally it supports a multitude of formats specifically for mobile devices. These include the kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and similarly various specific Blackberry phones and the Zune too. The supported formats don’t stop there as there is support for sundry of Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Google and many other Android phones. Conversion specific to YouTube, YouTube HD and facebook  – picking the best possible dimensions – is available too.

Umile Encoder

Umile Encoder works in three steps and optionally offers a live preview too. First step is to add file(s), the second is to choose what it calls a profile. In this second step click the Settings button and choose the format to convert to and if needed change other settings too. Finally click Start to convert and open the file in the output folder.

The settings include the aforementioned format choices and the relevant audio and video settings that go with them. The Advanced tab in the settings is where to enable the GPU accelerator (if available) and tweak encoding and the play speed. The screen tab has various options for crop and zoom, aspect ratio, rotation and color. Subtitle offers to customize any available subtitles. Font, size and overlay for example. Use the General to configure the default output folder, enable renaming for the output file(s) and if needed manage Umile Encoder’s CPU usage.

Umile Encoder is surprising complete and easy to use, it works on Windows XP and newer. Do note that it asks to install extras as its own installer is running.

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