Password Recovery Bundle Review And Giveaway

Password Recovery Bundle

September 3 update: License keys were just emailed to the winners, congrats and thanks for participating.

Comment below to win a license for Password Recovery Bundle Standard courtesy of worth $29.95

Password Recovery Bundle (Version:2.2 tested) is a toolkit that can prove useful if program or system passwords are lost or forgotten. It is simple to use and has a simple interface to help any user quickly recover passwords. There are three different editions of the program and the standard one can recover all types of passwords but is missing features such as resetting passwords for Windows’ server editions or databases (MS SQL).

Password Recovery Bundle

The Start Recovery button will retrieve passwords for instant messaging programs such MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Miranda, Trillian, Paltalk, Digsby, Pidgin and others. Passwords for email programs are also retrieved including the likes of Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Incredimail, and The Bat! System product keys are also supported and this includes the ‘Product Key Advanced’ option that works on a non booting drive connected to a working system. The user navigates to the non working drive’s Windows directory where Password Recovery Bundle will look for and retrieve the key.

Additionally there is support for recovering passwords from several FTP programs including FileZilla, CuteFTP, SmartFTP and many more.

The Recover From File button prompts the user to navigate to target files as it attempts to recover passwords. The formats supported are PST, Reach-a-Mail, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, ZIP and RAR files.

Password Recovery Bundle

The Windows Password button creates a ‘Windows password reset bootdisk’ – this feature was not tested. This requires setting the BIOS to boot from DVD or removable media, then burning the iso bootdisk and rebooting the system with it. After rebooting the PC Password Recovery Bundle will get to work and reset the password to blank for any one of Windows accounts on that machine.


  1. Thank you for the Giveaway..I am regular visitor of your website and i like your articles very much..I would like to join for the Giveaway contest of Password Recovery Bundle. Many Thanks.

  2. Interesting, RGdot. Have you tried it out? The Product Key Advanced option is of particular interest.

  3. Hi barney, I haven’t been able to try it yet, if I do I will edit the post/let you know.

  4. Looks like an impressive swiss-army-knife to keep in the kit.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Sounds good. My windows passwords is set to automatically fill itself in when necessary (not the best idea really, must change that) – every now and again I panic and think I’ve forgotten it – so far I’m okay… but this could be helpful at some stage 😉

  6. Thanks for the giveaway. Having something that can recover forgotten passwords including emails and desktop applications would come in handy in most critical situations. I have two emails accounts and several document files (word and pdf) that need to be recovered. The ability for Password Recovery Bundle to reset Windows password makes it a must-have program. Good luck to all contestants and congratulations to all future winners.

  7. Thanks. I register on a bunch of places then can’t remember the passwords, and yes I write them down, but sometimes some slide by.

    Great tool. thanks.

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