Shotty: All In One Screenshots Freeware

Shotty strives to be an all in one screenshots program. It takes screenshots of whole screens, specified regions and windows. It has basic features to edit the captured shots and a few options for places to upload them too.

Left clicking the tray icon of Shotty presents you with capture options for the whole screen, region or specific window (for Windows Vista and 7 a high quality, aero enhanced option is given as well). After the capture a basic editor with a Microsoft paint like interface features things like cropping and adding text, highlights and shapes. A blur or diffuser can hide sensitive parts of the screenshot as well.

Further efficiency can be gained by using the default, but configurable, Ctrl + PrintScreen hotkeys in place of clicking the tray icon for the capture.

Finally the image can be saved or uploaded to one of the chosen locations online, Shotty in turn provides a window with the address of the uploaded image.

Right clicking Shotty’s tray icon exposes its other features:

The upload location can be chosen from one of (Shotty’s own hosting),,, and

The aforementioned hotkeys can be configured and assigned to save, copy or instant upload instead of the opening the capture or image editor.

A history of screenshots taken using Shotty can also be seen.

The optional delay – to take the screenshot – can be changed here as well.

Shotty requires the .Net Framework 2.0 and should run on Windows 2000 and newer versions.

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