Texter: Freeware And Attractive Text Editor


Texter – not to be confused with Lifehacker’s text substitution and expander Texter – is a lightweight and attractive text editor with a few extras.

Texter’s few extras are as follows:

Encrypt a text file via the file menu.

Zoom in and out via the view menu.

Change the case to upper or lower and copy file name or file path to the clipboard via the edit menu.

Access to clipart, symbols, images and text from external text files via the insert menu. Date can also be inserted from one of many formats via the insert menu.

Change colors and fonts and create bullet points via the format menu.

Preview text in browser mode. Load a XML file or open the document browser via the tools menu.

The program options, accessible via the tools menu, include auto detection of URLs, configuration of the auto save setting, customization of the toolbar and others. A number of shortcut keys, such as InsertSymbol = Ctrl + F3, GoToChar = Ctrl + G and others are also available and viewable in the options.

Texter supports *.rtf as well plain text files, should run on all recent Windows versions and is GNU general public license software.


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