Top 10 Must Have Windows Freeware

top 10 freeware


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Does it all and some more. Create a bar to do everything from launching programs to saving clipboard items and to scheduling systems task and lots more.


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Photo and image editor and viewer with many features on a clean interface.

VirtuaWin or Dexpot or

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Virtual desktop manager to create different desktops with different applications open on each. Organize your oft used applications on different desktops.


Backup and store your files on the cloud, easily access them and their older versions on your computer and online anywhere.

Clipboard Help+Spell

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Extend the capabilities of the Windows clipboard and keep unlimited number of clipboard and notes forever.


The Notepad alternative and free source code editor of choice. Open source and a must for all who write code.


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Grab text snippets, save and tag them for future reference.


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Write without distraction and work with your writing in an efficient manner.


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Quick and easy way to index a Windows drive to search for files within it.


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More than just a hobby software, a fascinating and feature rich look at the sky right from your desktop.

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