DzSoft Paste & Save Looks After Your Clipboard

Windows computers, in general, keep the most recent text or image copied to their clipboard.

DzSoft Paste & Save, Freeware

DzSoft Paste & Save is a small and simple utility that saves multiple clipbord contents. However, instead of the typical clipboard manager like Clippy, CLCL and others Paste & Save holds or saves every text clipboard in one of three note (*.txt) files in its program folder. The advantage of such a set up could be in that excerpts of text can be collected from different sources in one location. As Paste & Save automatically appends the clipboard contents into one of its three text files. One can therefore have a large collection of related notes only by having the program remain in the system tray and do nothing more than the usual Ctrl+c – and not even need to use notepad or any other text editor and forget about Ctrl+v altogether. DzSoft Paste & Save lets the user define a separator between each clipboard and using its ‘remote control’ floating bar set and choose which note file is used on the fly, without maximizing the program’s main window.
For example the excellent Clipboard Help+Spell From has a notes section that allows permanent use of commonly used notes, and more features of course, but Paste & Save simplifies collection of notes very well as well.

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