Freeware Shorts: Dolphin Text Editor Menu

Dolphin Text Editor Menu (Version: 2.7 as of this post) is an enhancement and efficiency tool that works with most text editors and browser text areas such as MS Word, gmail, forum reply text areas, most if not all text editors and more. It applies or adds formatting, sorting, aligning, reversing and lots more to any text being worked on. Some examples of its features are remove blank lines, align text, append text – this adds text to the end of each line – convert to plain text, word count and get file names – this copies file names of … Read more

TyperTask: Tiny System Automation

TyperTask is a small freeware executable that automates many common tasks. The most notable and perhaps immediately useful feature of TyperTask is that in can expand text. Often typed or repeated phrases can be automated with fewer typed letters. As a simple example one can define the “~hth” abbreviation for “Hope this helps!” (see image) saving several key strokes. This is what the program calls a Trigger. Any number of triggers can be defined and saved one per line in the program interface. The other example in the image is a trigger for an email signature. Triggers can be used … Read more

DzSoft Paste & Save Looks After Your Clipboard

Windows computers, in general, keep the most recent text or image copied to their clipboard.

DzSoft Paste & Save is a small and simple utility that saves multiple clipbord contents. However, instead of the typical clipboard manager like Clippy, CLCL and others Paste & Save holds or saves every text clipboard in one of three note (*.txt) files in its program folder. The advantage of such a set up could be in that excerpts of text can be collected from different sources in one location. As Paste & Save automatically appends the clipboard contents into one of its three text … Read more

PlainText Is True To Its Name

PlainText is another alternative lightweight and no install software to make copying and pasting text more efficient and useful.

In much the same way as PureText featured earlier on PlainText removes formatting from text copied from such sources as the web. This includes removing the likes of font sizes, colors, images, tables and borders. The program let the user choose any combination of the Windows, Shift or Ctrl keys along with any one letter or number to use for pasting the text unformatted. This key combination would be used as an alternative to the traditional and standard Ctrl and … Read more

PureText Clears Text Formatting

PureText does a simple task and does it well. It clears any formatting from text that is copied from such sources like the web.

There are many occasions when a text needs to be copied without the original color, font face, font style or character margins and spacing. PureText does this without the need to follow any extra steps. For example pasting text in Notepad and then copying it again will clear all formatting but using PureText it is possible to use Windows+V (or other configurable keys) instead of the traditional Ctrl+V keys and paste any text unformatted.

PureText does … Read more

Clipboard Help+Spell From

I wrote about the’s website in a previous article and one of the more impressive and useful software written there is the Clipboard Help+Spell.

There are certainly many freeware, well reviewed, useful and popular clipboard utilities available. The sadly semi-abandoned Yankee Clipper, the open source Ditto and ArsClip just to name three and of course the clipboard capabilities of the all powerful PowerPro.

Clipboard Help+Spell is nevertheless a worthy contender, if not down right winner in the category. It is simply described as

…a text-based clipboard utility

But it has many features. Among its many features is the ability … Read more