Complete Network Tools With NETworkManager

NETworkManager offers a comprehensive set of tools to gather information about the network your computer is on and about external networks and the internet. The program is available in executable and portable formats and the user can set profiles to save IP addresses and other info to reuse again.

The configure tab provides a interface to configure local connections such as IP addresses, static and DNS entries and most everything network related on a Windows computer.

The information tab provides info on the local network and features a network scanner to search for and find local IP addresses, wireless access points and Address Resolution Protocol entries. It can also query local ports and listen for open and active ports and TCP connections. Additionally SNMP is available to look for info on devices and list info like printer or router Object Identifier. It can also turn on compatible devices using the Wake on LAN message. It can

A set of tools for non local devices include ping, traceroute, Whois, DNS look ups and inspecting HTTP headers of a site.

If all that is not enough NETworkManager has a subnet calculator. Useful for network managers and just as a simple learning tool.

Upon first run it asks for permission to check for program updates and grab the public IP address of your network. It can also be configured to run PowerShell, PuTTY and VNC to connect securely to websites and networks via SSH, Telnet or other protocols.

The current version of the program is 2019.12 and requires Windows 10 Build 1809 or later and the .NET-Framework 4.7.2. The older 1.11 version is available and compatible with Windows 7 and 8.1. Practically every setting has options to work with desired values as does the program’s looks and colors.

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