Keyword Tracking With Rankaware

Search engine optimization remains crucial to all those who own or manage websites. Rankaware is one user friendly tool to keep a tab on a site’s performance on search engines.

Rankaware installs easily and it is available for both Windows and Mac computers. The first step is to add a website to monitor. The program works in that it checks the position of a keyword on search engine results pages (SERP). The process starts by adding the site address of course, keywords that Rankaware will check on and up to three search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo are available with their various country domains. The program allows the user to pick one, two or three engines.

It is possible to set a schedule to run the program again and look for any changes that occur to the site’s keywords positions on the aforementioned search engines. Once a day, a week or month are available with the time of day to run as well. Optionally it is possible to run the check everytime the program is started.

All that is left to click apply and wait for it to scan the engines and generate the results. The results page is simple but attractive with a pie chart showing the keyword position on the results page. Any position above 100 needs work and is not really considered a useful SERP.

RGdot used to rank relatively high in several freeware keywords but that has changed with the inactivity on the site. Rankaware can track changes and will show them in the CHG column in subsequent runs of the program.

Rankaware is available in three licences. A free version which only checks one site on one computer. The expert version can be used to monitor unlimited number of sites and generate reports with white label branding. The business version can run on more than one computer. The two paid versions currently cost $49.97 and $99.97 respectively, these are per year.

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