Guru99 Tutorials

Guru99 is a tutorial site featuring many information technology and programming courses and videos. The site bills itself as a free education hub that strives to make learning free. The lower the barrier to learning.

I was contacted by the people behind Guru99 and decided to have a look. The site is well organized into categories with a big presence on YouTube. The tutorials and learning tools includes web languages spanning PHP to C# to Python. Databases and storage projects such as SQL, MongoDB and Hive. Excel to Project management . Business operations such as SAP and more. A good section on Cisco’s CCNA is a good refresher and start for those interested in the different layers of internet. There is also thorough explanation of what Linux is and how it compares to Windows.

The site also includes testing and live project sections where the user can work with an actual downloaded script or complete project in a homework type set up.

The selection is certainly not the biggest but Guru99 features a good mix of video and text based learning.

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