NANY 2014 Is Here



The latest edition of DonationCoder’s New Apps for the New Year is here. The programs shared this year include the following:

  •  ImgFloat – an app to overlay the desktop with a recently taken screenshot  [with Screenshot Captor]
  • Q-FlashCards – an Android program for learning (vocabulary, dates, whatever) using virtual flash cards. Perhaps a good option for learning a new language
  • Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility – an utility to inspect and manipulate text. Case conversion, encrypt, sort, search and more
  • Zeno’s Alarm – lets you set future events, and it will alert you every time you cover half of the remaining duration
  • Esc Close – close a program by just pressing the ESC key thrice … even close a tab by pressing ESC key twice.
  • epCheck – a  tool designed to let you easily track and view TV series data. Data provided by

and many more.


The latter retrieves information for just about any tv series for viewing on the desktop. Search, add a series and then view the information downloaded in a list and description format with number of episodes and seasons plus episode dates and summaries. Past and upcoming episodes are presented in a ‘weekly’ tab that can be configured to show X number of past and future days. epCheck also links to the series’ wikipedia page (Series —> wikipedia) and also includes links to various relevant pages on



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