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FileSearchy is a new beta software that searches and indexes Windows drives. It can also search in files including Office and pdf formats and present highlighted results. It features a tabbed interface to keep multiple searches open.

FileSearchy indexes attached drives automatically unless this is unchecked in its options. The program has an Instant mode to show search results as you type but the Advanced mode – wait until Enter is clicked – is the default. Also by default is FileSearchy’s use of a built-in pdf converter that it uses to look in pdf files.


The program interface is divided into searching for file names with support for substrings, dates, size, case restriction, whole words and regular expressions. There is support for ; to separate words or folders and ! to exclude them. FileSearchy supports a whole set of regular expression patterns to narrow down searches. Searches can be restricted to directories as well. For the In directory and In content options the right most buttons allow the user to exclude folders or words from the search via a pop up window.

FileSearchy runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. As of this 0.9 beta version I was not able to browse to a folder when using the In directory option, the program would browse to a file instead.


  1. What I need is a program that can search inside EPUB and FB2 files but I have not found such an app. There is a huge number of tools that can search inside txt, rtf, odt, html, pdf, doc, etc files, but not a single one that searches inside EPUB. I have a big collection of ebooks mainly in EPUB format and there is no way to search inside all of them.

    Some time ago I contacted the developer of DocFetcher requesting EPUB support and he answered that perhaps this would be possible in the future since all the time he managed to dedicate to DocFetcher he used to fix existing bugs but not to add new features.

    It is surprising that there is not a single tool that can search inside ebooks (EPUB, FB2, MOBI, etc). Or perhaps there is but I haven’t discovered it?

    My all times favourite file searcher is the portable ‘Everything’- I haven’t found a faster searcher- it searches as you type.

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