TagBook: Cross Platform Bookmarking Utility

TagBook (Version: 0.1 beta 2) is a young beta software with a simple yet useful feature. It bills itself as a “cross-platform desktop bookmarking utility” but with a reminder that it can store any text information. Whether the text storage potential works for the average user will depend on the user of course but also on the progress TagBook makes.


Download the jar file and run it. Click on the Database menu to create a new database. Add a new item using the Bookmark menu. The Edit window that comes up requires a Name, Description, Address, Notes and Tag(s). Tags can be added on the fly and applied using the same window or use F3 (View—>Tag Manager) to add tags separately.

Bookmarks can also be added by dragging and dropping text into the Edit window or by pasting the contents of the clipboard using Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V or Bookmark—>Paste. Search and Filter as you type using Ctrl+F and Ctrl+Shift+F.

TagBook can be locked into a read only mode by clicking the lock button to the far top right. It can export whole or selected items to csv, xml and html formats and attempt to import them from the same file formats too.

Using the filter sometimes causes errors with a disappearing database, this requires reloading or reopening a database, not unexpected for an early beta.

TagBook has potential and worth keeping an eye on. It requires java and is cross platform.

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