Chit Chat For Facebook 1.5

Chit Chat for Facebook was first reviewed almost two years ago here on RGdot, now it is back at version 1.5 with more polish and features. Beside the chat or IM and status update options it now offers more control over looks and other features like pop up and other types of notification.

Chit Chat for Facebook

Changing colours, text size and font are just one of the tweaks and there are many others. These include audio notification and flashing taskbars for various events like new messages and friends logging in, saving a log of facebook messages, chatting in a tabbed interface and dividing friends in groups to more easily find them.

Chit Chat features shortcuts like Ctrl+M to hide the program quickly, Ctrl+L to log out, Alt+C to show the buddy or friends list, Ctrl+W to write on a friend’s wall – which can also be done by right clicking the friend’s name – Alt+2 and Alt+1 to move to next and previous conversation tabs and more. These shortcuts can be viewed and changed in Tools—>Preferences—>Shortcuts. Setting up a proxy server to bypass workplace blocks is also available via the preferences.

Chit Chat does have ads and asks for permission for other extras upon installation. It requires Windows XP and newer. A potentially useful feature is the option to export configured settings to use on a another installation.

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