Twitter Tool: Twitter Time Machine

Twitter Time Machine is a simple tool that can be fun or fill a need for those who are active on twitter. After connecting and authorizing this app it downloads (limited by the twitter API to 3200 tweets) the account’s tweets into a searchable database. Twitter Time Machine features a slider to move and back forth between dates to see tweets made on those days.

Twitter Time Machine

Four big buttons to the right of the interface refresh, download all, import or export the account’s timeline. The latter two use the ttm file format to save a file locally. It is also possible to change the user and authorize access to another account.

The Search feature, for version 0.3.3 tested, didn’t always find a result for a – known to exist – query. Follow @Xeo_it, the developer, for updates and if a Milan fan feel free to follow @MilanMania and ofcourse @RGdot as well!

Twitter Time Machine requires the .NET Framework 4.0 and should work on Windows XP and above.

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  1. Asen Anastassov says:


    I have not tested this app yet, but I have never seen a really good Twitter client that can view and download tweets but at the same time publish as well. There is a messenger that supports twitter protocol, it is called Instantbird: – Instantbird Home Page – Instantbird at Softpedia – Instantbird at Wikipedia

    Its development is slow, it supports many protocols, but lacks lots of features found in other free messengers like Miranda IM and Pidgin and has some bugs to boot (especially concerning Twitter support). I like simple apps but this is too bare and plain for me. I do not use it but ran the portable version (yes, it has portable version too) just to take some screen-shots: – adding Twitter profile – tweets timeline – Instantbird main window with only Twitter protocol added

    I would not recommend Instantbird but it can download new tweets and connect to multiple protocols simultaneously (it supports all major protocols, even Facebook chat and MySpace chat).

    By the way AC Milan will have a tough match tonight (I am neither a Milan nor a Barcelona fan, I support Valencia CF, but an awful manager (Unai Emery) has ruined the team completely. Anyway, I wish Milan success tonight.

  2. RG says:

    Twitter clients, good ones, are rare if they exist at all. Over the years I have tried many of the AIR and native Windows ones and they don’t impress me much.
    I remember first seeing Instantbird years ago, may be even before Twitter existed, but for reasons I don’t remember I never tried it. Also I am pretty sure I am in the minority but I never liked Miranda and Pidgin, again I guess I can’t really say why though. Even to this day I still have MSN and Yahoo Messengers installed and not those.

    I don’t get to watch many Valencia games but I have read the same criticism of Emery that you mention. I think it says a lot about the state of football when Valencia are virtually the third placed team in Spain by default every year. May be Malaga (and Athletic) can change that but may be not too.

    Thanks Asen.

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