ControlPad: Freeware Launcher


ControlPad is a launcher and command executor that uses the numeric keypad. It can execute or open documents and websites and send commands to a Windows computer. ControlPad is invoked by pressing the keypad key *, then typing a number using the keypad into the ensuing ControlPad window and then pressing enter.The program comes with a set of built-in commands. The list is available via a right click on the program’s tray icon or using the 902 code. These include reload (9998), Exit (9999), WinClose (9), WinMinimize (77), browser back button (222) and more.


Other codes or commands can be added by invoking the program, pressing *, typing a command (say 888) and pressing the / key on the numeric keypad. After doing so a window will appear (see image) where the user can browse to a program or file or press the {} button to choose from some of the built-in shortcuts. These include turning volume up, down or mute, playing media, launching the default mail program, going to browser’s home page, sending keys like F1, Ctrl and others to the system, sending the system to sleep or killing or closing processes. After doing so has been the number or command (888 in this case) will be associated with the chosen action. A virtually unlimited number of commands can be created to automate tasks.

ControlPad also has a SpeedPad feature where, when enabled – via the tray icon for example –  single keypad keys, 0-9 and the dot (.), can be associated with commands. The only restriction is that these will work only when Numlock is turned off. ControlPad accepts anything that can be typed in the Windows’ own run box, “Notepad” (without the quotes) for example. Starting a command with + or ~ means sending keys to the system or one of the program’s internal commands respectively. These can all be found in the Help file’s Command section.


ControlPad’s options include a Laptop mode (Settings or Options —> Launch key) section where * is replaced by F12 and / by F10.

ControlPad is useful for keyboard fans but as with any launcher type program requires getting used to.

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