Kiwi System Info: Freeware Advanced System Specs

Kiwi System Info

Kiwi System Info (Version: 1.0.0 tested) is a small system profiler. It provides a lot of detailed and advanced information on the specs of a Windows PC. In addition to All and About it is divided into seven sections or groups, each with a drop down menu providing information and specs not often available elsewhere.

Kiwi System Info

The seven sections are Hardware Info, Data Storage, Memory, System Info, Network, User & Security and Developer. The aforementioned dropdowns are too numerous to name them all but a look at the above image gives an idea on the wealth of specifications Kiwi System Info provides.

(Only) a few of the information available are (picked randomly):

In Hardware Info … 1394Controller, DeviceBus, PnPEntity, PortResource, TemperatureProbe.

In Data Storage … DiskPartition, LogicalFileGroup.

In Memory … MemoryDeviceArray, SMBIOSMemory.

In System Info … ProcessStartup, ProductCheck, ProtocolBinding, SystemBootConfiguration, SystemServices.

In Network … NetworkClient, PerfRawData_Tcpip_ICMP, SystemNetworkConnections.

In User & Security … NTEventlogFile, SecuritySetting.

In Developer … ClassicCOMApplicationClasses, CodecFile, DCOMApplication, ODBCDriverAttribute, SoftwareFeatureParent

Such is the detailed info that Kiwi System Info provides that it has a stop button and a timeout setting because retrieving and displaying some of the specs can and do slow the system temporarily. Kiwi System Info is a single executable only 360KB in size.

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