CaptureIt Plus: Simple Screen Capture

CaptureIt Plus

CaptureIt Plus is a simple and small screen capture or screenshot program. It sits in the system tray and can do one of nine captures modes. It can be used using the mouse or the keyboard. Right click on the tray icon to access one of capture options or set keyboard shortcuts or hot keys to take screenshots using the keyboard.

CaptureIt Plus

The capture modes are Scheduled, Repeat Last Capture, Active Window, Window, Circle, Fixed Region, Free Form, Full Screen and Rectangle. The Scheduled option doesn’t have a keyboard hot key setting, when it is chosen a window prompts for a delay – “Schedule capture after X seconds” – with a choice of any one of the windows open at the time or just full screen.

CaptureIt Plus’ output settings can be configured to save to another folder instead of the default Documents\My Pictures\CaptureItPlus location. The format and quality can be tweaked too. The output file name can be changed and there is an option to include the cursor in the capture.

Sound notification is available. CaptureIt Plus can send captures to the clipboard, default email program, editor or printer with hot key settings available for the clipboard, email and printer options.

CaptureIt Plus is licensed under GNU GPL and has plugin support which should be in development. The To Do section on the author’s site mentions Window scrolling – to capture webpages longer than the screen – support to come.

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