InDeep Notes: Unusual Freeware

InDeep Notes

InDeep Notes (Version: 2.0 as of this post) is a somewhat unusual note taking application. The interface is not standard but beyond that it features some of the same minimalist aspects of a notepad type freeware. It saves notes in a ‘collection’ and each in a folder within its data folder keeping a tree like directory structure.

InDeep Notes

It has a search box, status bar and an action bar. The first requires a click to start a search and the latter has buttons to add empty lines, remove empty lines, export visible text as png and export note as png (both saved on the desktop). These final two features may not be the most common or useful and one created a very large non word wrapped png file that needed zooming to to be legible.

Further options include changing the text encoding, changing the font for both the note area and the tree list and a toggle for word wrap.

InDeep Notes is portable, runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7 and requires .Net Framework 2.0

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