Freeware Shorts: Bandizip


Bandizip (Version: 1.03 as of this post) is an archiver that support most if not all archive formats including the popular ZIP, 7Z, TAR, CAB, RAR and ISO formats and less common ones ones like XZ and BH.


More usefully Bandizip can create executables that will join big files that┬áBandizip itself has split and archived separately for easier portability. Bandizip can extract automatically from its context menu or let the user choose a destination. It also features what it calls high speed archiving. Here Bandizip recognizes file formats that are difficult or impossible to compress and bypasses them for faster processing. Another speed feature, also found and enabled in its setting, is the fast drag and drop. Here a big file is directly extracted into the chosen folder instead of being extracted into a temporary folder and then copied to the destination folder as is often the case with other – and indeed with small files using Bandizip – archivers or compressors.

Full Unicode (UTF-8) support is one other main advantage of Bandizip. It runs on XP and newer Windows and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


  1. Bandizip is one of the good and free archivers that came from the Far East together with HaoZip and KuaiZip. These tree are all good so it is not easy to choose one. In fact there is an overabundance of nice free compression tools- 7-Zip, FreeArc, IZArc, PeaZip, ZipGenius and my former favourite TUGZip which is discontinued unfortunatelly, and at least two very nice unpackers- ExtractNow and Universal Extractor. So in the realm of compression software those who prefer free applications are spoiled a bit having the oportunity to choose between so many excellent tools.

  2. Hi Asen, yes I think you are right. 7-Zip and others all work well and are free. I think something that is more needed is free file managers which can open these archives and show thumbnails properly, one example is Ac Browser Plus but it is not developed anymore.

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