Binverse Provides Powerful Usenet Access, Review And Giveaway


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Binverse is a usenet solution that offers a powerful method of viewing and downloading usenet group messages.

The story of usenet goes back to the early days of the world wide web before the internet was the one we are familiar with today. These groups were often accessed within a browser (Netscape for example) and were one of the earlier means of sharing news. This expanded to contain all sorts of files. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offered access as part of internet service but this practice has gradually stopped in many parts of the world. Today programs like Binverse are the more common way of accessing usenet groups.


Binverse offers a secure SSL protected access to many (~100,000 groups) usenet groups and unlike some similar services Binverse retains a huge chunk of data (up to 800TB) so it does not discard content as quickly as some others. Binverse also does not limit user download speeds, in the case of this giveaway 50GB of non-expiring downloads are made available to use.

Binverse has a built preview feature for checking files before downloading images, audio or videos to your computer. Its strength is the easy way one can search for messages of different kinds. After downloading Binverse you log in using the username and password that will be provided when you sign up for the service or get access using this giveaway. The top left of the program provides the search function and is probably the first action to take after signing in. One can configure search type and change the download location and change a few other settings using the buttons in the top right of the program. After search results show up one can view the contents of a folder (if there are multiple files listed in the Files column) by right clicking or double clicking on the item. Using the aforementioned preview or the slideshow function before downloading is another very convenient feature of Binverse.

Binverse is available for both Mac and Windows.


  1. In fact I have never had the chance to try Usenet and this is a great opportunity to get acquaint both with Usenet and this Binverse client before this famous network declines and goes to history.

  2. same here, I’ve never tried Usenet and would love to know what the fuss is all about, old-timers of the internet era praise this a lot, hope I get lucky !

  3. Thanks for the Binverse Usenet account giveaway.Fast speed and secure downloads are really good features in it.

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