Freeware Shorts: DesyEdit


DesyEdit (Version: 3.5 as of this post) is a tabbed text editor. It also features syntax highlighting for HTML, C++, SQL, XML, PHP and others. Additionally it includes FTP support to work with documents within DesyEdit and HEX and column editing as well.
DesyEdit becomes even more useful with its bookmarks, macros recording, case, tab and space conversions, full screen mode and print preview capabilities. It can also ‘print all open windows’, stay on top and open documents in read only mode.
DesyEdit is worth a consideration when looking for freeware editors.


  1. DesyEdit is a surprisingly good text editor, but I encountered some tiny issues- it seems that some lines have not been translated to English in the portable version (DesyEdit 3.5.15 Portable)- File>FTP(T)>Open from http://FTP…/Save to FTP. More, I could connect to my FTP account via DesyEdit but it failed to open the text file I wanted to edit. Beside these problems it is a cool editor with lots of features (one can start desktop shortcuts directly from its interface, I haven’t seen this feature in any other text editor). It also offers good hot keys customization.

  2. I hope DesyEdit continues its development and addresses those issues. It has potential in my opinion.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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