GDocsDrive: Google On Your Desktop … Giveaway!


The giveaway has now ended, thanks to those who participated and The Cloud Drive Team for providing giveaway licenses.
GDocsDrive is a program that lets you manage your google documents straight from the desktop, essentially acting as a disk drive but one that is in the cloud.
Google’s office suite, the alternative to Microsoft Office, offers a way to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. To use these office programs online you can log in and start working on new documents or import or upload existing documents, however GDocsDrive gives you the chance to do more. Unlike google docs GDocsDrive lets you upload folders, instead of individual documents, to google docs.
It also supports google docs’ other features but perhaps easier through your desktop, these include sharing document(s) with others, by entering their email address(es), or making the document(s) public. It is possible to convert files to other formats and to search them from within GDocsDrive itself. Perhaps most importantly GDocsDrive is an easy way to back up files and let google store them or back them up for you.
The Cloud Drive Team, the people behind GDocsDrive, have offered several licence keys for GDocsDrive, which you can win by commenting below!


  1. I am sure they would love that description/analogy. This probably adds a familiarity and ease of use aspect to using an online service.

  2. This is pretty nice software, and you don’t have to mount it on a drive letter very nice.

  3. Hope I am not too late. I was recently testing the beta of this and really like it. I am a big Google docs user.


  4. Hi,

    I believe this will be great future tool for the people who use to move around for business and other purposes.

  5. GDocsDrive seems to be an interesting and useful application, so I would like to try it.

  6. Hi There,

    This has been a very difficult task for me to carry documents around for my jobs. I am sure this is going help me and professionals like me to reduce the burden of carrying around the documents.

    Thanks for developing this kind of tool.



  7. Thanks for visiting and commenting Baseer. Unfortunately the giveaway ended earlier today just before your comment was made. I will try to get you a license, if I am successful I will add another comment here.

  8. I wish to have my personal documents and some data in cloud
    So please send me the respective registration keys

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