Who Needs Photoshop When You Can Have Fotografix!


Fotografix is very much a mini version of Photoshop with its similar menu structure and a good number of (perhaps more basic) features familiar to Photoshop users. It even supports Photoshop’s PSD image format and of course imports them with layers intact.

Looking at its menu Fotografix’s features are as follows:

The File menu contains the usual open, save and other operations with the addition of an icon extractor.

The Edit menu includes the likes of cut, paste, purge (current session’s history for example) and fill color with a choice of background and foreground colors plus black, white and gray.

The Image menu contains adjustments for image and canvas and also commands like crop, flip and rotate images or layers.

The Adjustments menu contains the brightness, contrast, color balance, levels, desaturate, invert, posterize, and threshold options.

The Layer menu is for adding new layers and layer masks, also duplicating, renaming, rasterizing and deleting layers.

The Filters menu contains a set including blur, emboss, offset, noise and others.

The Select menu is for selecting and working with specific regions within an image or layer or or inverting a selection.

The View menu is for zooming in and out or activating full screen mode.

The Window menu is for activating the colors, layers, tools and scripts ‘palettes’ within the program window and toggling the status bar on and off.

Fotografix also features the likes of magic wand, clone, color dropper and also a few gradient options.

All of the above work like Photoshop in a 355KB download. Advanced features may be missing and the result of the existing features may not always be the same but Fotografix is easily worth a download.


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